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2012 Conference Videos Now Available!

The videos of the 8th Annual Monetary Reform Conference are now available! There are about 25 hours of presentations from our full list of 18 distinguished speakers, including 3 separate panels where our attendees were able to direct the flow of the discussion. This excellent group is listed below and at our conference speaker page. The most recent topics on monetary reform were covered in great detail. A major focus of the conference was the new paper by Dr. Michael Kumhof, Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), “The Chicago Plan Revisited.” His entire talk is on the videos, as well as a panel discussing it.

The videos come loaded on an external disc drive with 300 GB of memory,which connects to any computer. Since the videos only take up 100 GB, you get an extra 200 GB of external storage space for you to do with as you please!

What You Will Find

(Short video clips from each talk are coming soon!)

Dr. Michael KumhofElizabeth Kucinichmichael clarkStephen ZarlengaProf. Kaoru YamaguchiSteve KeenhudsonJoseph Pijanowski

  • Stephen Zarlenga, AMI Director, opens the conference with an overview of the American Monetary Institute and its background, methodologies, and objectives for this year’s conference. He also presents the critique of A. Mitchell Innes’ view that money must be debt, and that damage it has done.
  • Dr. Michael Kumhof, International Monetary Fund, presents his evaluation of the Chicago Plan using modern economic data and advanced computer modeling.
  • Dr. Michael Clark, United Nations, presents on international monetary and financial system reform, discussing how IMF structure and operations can become a positive factor in monetary reform.
  • Elizabeth Kucinich addresses the conference on Advocating for Monetary Reform.
  • Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, Doshisha University, updates his continuing study of the American Monetary Act/HR 2990 and also revisits the 1930s Chicago Plan.
  • Prof. Steve Keen, University of Western Sydney, gives a talk on capitalism, credit, crises and asset markets.
  • Prof. Michael Hudson, University of Missouri – Kansas City, focuses on the timely monetary developments in Europe.
  • Prof. Nicolaus Tideman, Virginia Tech, speaks on money, land, and justice.
  • Robert Poteat, AMI Senior Advisor and Northwest Chapter Leader, makes the case for monetary reform in presenting why HR 2990 is needed in order to help resolve one of the great crises we now face.
  • Joseph Pijanowski, International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union, focuses on American labor and how it can guide a stabilized economy.
  • Will Abram, Monetary Scholar, makes a video presentation on the Bank of Canada and its successful decade-long run.
  • Jamie Walton, AMI Researcher, speaks on the three main elements of HR 2990 and what they will do.
  • Mark Pash, Managing Director MPB Financial Group LLC, highlights the key principles in the Progressive’s role in Macroeconomic decision making.
  • David I. Kelley, Legal and Economic Researcher, discusses an economic narrative for progressives and other non-psychopaths.
  • Greg Coleridge, Director, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee, discusses how HR 2990 can solve any of the potential financial disasters being discussed and predicted.
  • Steven Walsh, AMI Researcher, goes over how the Chicago Teachers Union came to support HR 2990, and detailed steps that can be used to achieve future endorsements of the bill.
  • Carol Brouillet discusses Progressive strategies for monetary reform. Carol has run for congress on the Green Party Ticket three times and has been a strong and positive activist in the San Francisco area for more than a decade.
  • Joseph Bongiovanni discusses blogging effectively.
  • AMI PANEL with Greg Coleridge, Elizabeth Kucinich, Robert Poteat, and Jamie Walton.
  • PANEL on Dr. Kumhof’s Paper with Dr. Michael Kumhof, Prof. Steve Keen, Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, Jamie Walton, Bob Poteat
  • INTERNATIONAL PANEL with Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi, Prof. Steve Keen, Dr. Michael Kumhof, Prof. Edward Stuart, Dr. Michael Clark.
  • Steven Walsh, Jamie Walton, Joe Bongiovanni, and Stephen Zarlenga review Innes’ bad effect on MMT.

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