American Monetary Institute

About Us

The American Monetary Institute (AMI) is a publicly supported charity, founded in 1996 to present the results of our research in a manner understandable by the average citizen; leading to monetary reforms which bring forth a greater level of economic justice and a more equitable and efficient functioning of government.

This field deserves serious study because while attention is usually focused on the elections of presidents, prime ministers, and representatives, the real outcomes in society – whether there will be general economic justice or special financial privileges for the few – are often quietly determined behind the scenes by the structure of a society’s monetary system.

Monetary realities usually affect the citizen’s daily life far more than the Congress, President, or Supreme Court. AMI’s research shows that a main arena of human struggle has been over the monetary control of societies. This control is exercised through monetary theory – in obscure doctrines about the nature of money. If it had to be summarized in one sentence it is that by mis-defining the nature of money, special interests have often been able to control a society’s monetary system, and in turn, the society itself. Describing how this has been done historically, makes these concepts clear and vital and sweeps aside the mystification in which money has been purposely shrouded.

The AMI’s ability to continue our research depends on continued public support through donations and the sale of books and reports and speakers fees. Therefore if you find the ideas and materials presented here to be of value, please don’t hesitate to support our activities. Tax deductible donations are easy to make. Those who wish to become more personally involved are invited to become Supporting Members of the American Monetary Institute.  Members receive regular email communications on worldwide monetary developments, plus our quarterly American Money Scene with progress reports and other materials. Readers questions on our research results are discussed.

Whether you consider yourself a student of monetary matters, an activist, or a concerned citizen, you can vote here monetarily, and this is one place where your vote will truly make a difference. We welcome you to join us to get better acquainted with AMI and these important monetary concepts. Our introductory essay to monetary thought titled A Brief Monetary History of the United States especially helps beginning students become acquainted with some basic monetary ideas; as well as with AMI’s method. Given the paucity of monetary thought in today’s culture, advanced students will also find it valuable.