American Monetary Institute

Intro to Reform

We, at the American Monetary Institute, have put together this list of resources that we hope can be a great starting point for any new student of monetary reform.  Also, if you sign up to our email list using the box to the right, you will receive several of these articles over a span that will allow you to digest the material.

1.  The Need for Monetary Reform

This article is an overview of our current monetary system and what needs to be done to fix it.  It is a great, concise piece that can serve as an comprehensible introduction for anyone interested in learning about monetary history, theory or reform.

2. Monetary Reform Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions on monetary reform issues such as, “Won’t the government creating new money for infrastructure and other expenses cause inflation?” and “How can we trust government with the power to create money? – Won’t they go wild (and again cause inflation)? Don’t you know that government can’t do anything right?”

3.  1930′s Chicago Plan

This plan was developed by the best economic minds in the country during the Great Depression.  AMI’s proposed monetary reform legislation is closely modeled after this plan.

4.  The Usury Problem Remains

This article outlines the inherent, structural flaws of a system which allows (and promotes) usury.

5.  US Treasury Speech

This speech describes how the financial crisis came about, how it was the only possible outcome given our current monetary system, and what steps must be taken in order to put time on the side of justice in our monetary system.

6.  Comprehensive Explanation of Monetary Reform (PDF)

A brief, 32 page, explanation of monetary reform.  Great for those beginning their interest in monetary reform.

7. Get involved!