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Materials for reaching local officials and civic organizations

These materials were prepared for us by Dick Distelhorst, our long-term Burlington, Iowa Chapter Leader. Please remember these are suggestions which can be re-stated and sometimes updated in your own words.

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Action Plan and How to Use These Materials

(1) One Page Handout

(2) Short Email

(3) Full Length Email

(4) Letter to the Editor

(5) Correspondence with Government Officials

(6) The Way Out, A Speech to City Councils and Civic Organizations

(7) Stephen Zarlenga’s Address to the Demonstrators

Here as an example of how you can employ these resources, from Sandra of Illinois. Send us your stories of your successes to share them here!

“Here’s what I’ve been doing:

• Shared information and AMI’s website address with Congressional candidate Dr. David Gill. I sent him a contribution, but made it clear that I really needed him to study Rep. Kucinich’s bill if he wants to round out his very progressive agenda. His office confirmed that my message would be communicated to him.

• I spoke with Dr. Tari Renner, political science professor at Illinois Wesleyan, gave him the AMI website address and urged him to study HR 2990. Renner is strongly involved with local and regional politics in central Illinois, having run for Congress once, and Bloomington mayor in the last race (which he lost by 7 votes!). He seemed very interested in what I shared with him.

• Will lunch next Thursday with the assistant minister of my Unitarian Universalist Church in Bloomington, and will talk with her about AMI and HR 2990. I am hoping the UU will host a talk about monetary reform in the coming weeks. Several people I have to talk with to make this happen. Wish me luck! If this is a ‘go’ I will be asking for speaker recommendations.

• I even talked about AMI and HR 2990, and shared the AMI website, with the H.R. person at IWU who talked me through retirement meeting. She, I hope, will share what she likes with others at IWU’s H.R. department.”

Dick’s last spoken message to the American people, presented to our 2010 Conference


In Memory of Dick Distelhorst

Dear friends of Dick Distelhorst,

Our dear friend and fellow monetary reformer, Richard Distelhorst, of Burlington Iowa, passed away on Saturday, February 19th 2011 in his 90th year of life. We had the honor of working with Dick on monetary reforms since our first AMI Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago in 2005.

Dick was born August 24, 1921 in Burlington.  He was a member of S.S. John & Paul Catholic Church, a former Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, former Chairman of the local Service Corps of Retired Executives, an active member of the Burlington Kiwanis Club, Treasurer of the Des Moines County Democratic Party, Chairman of the Burlington Alliance for Citizen Action, and Chapter Leader of the Burlington, Iowa Chapter of the American Monetary Institute.  He is succeeded by his son and daughter, Daniel Distelhorst and Rita Mowen, four grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

Dick was always a great and passionate help to all of us in getting the facts on the Federal Reserve, and formulating our policies and strategies for achieving reform. Many times when I put out a question to our key people in an evening email, Dick’s analysis would be ready and emailed back by the time I turned on the computer in the morning. Dick was an inspiration to all of us, and his mind was razor sharp to the end! We will miss him and we will establish and define a Distelhorst Prize for Monetary Excellence by our September Conference. We’ll continue to use some of the strategies he created and we’ll miss him deeply.

Dick DistelhorstDick is second from the left

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Zarlenga

In honor of Dick, we have created a new award, The Dick Distelhorst Award for Excellence in Monetary Reform Achievement. We give it only to individuals who have made truly exceptional contributions for advancing monetary reform. As of yet, the only recipient of the The Dick Distelhorst Award for Excellence in Monetary Reform Achievement has been Jamie Walton in 2011, for his invaluable work in getting an effective, well-designed monetary reform bill introduced into the Congress.